Laurie Helms
Mar 7, 2018

Pedestrian Only Walkways; Public Restrooms


Here are other ideas we've received ...


Make Freedom Walkway and Cotton Alley (and other alleys) Pedestrian Only walkways. Folks are riding bicycles and mopeds down Cotton Alley and nearly run over pedestrians at times. Pedestrian friendly is not always bike friendly - and some bikers speed through there and are also biking on the sidewalks.


Add some public restroom facilities. Greenville, Colorado, and other cities that have green spaces and include put some public restrooms in a central location, camouflaged by trees/shrubs of course. Some of the businesses are becoming bombarded with people coming in just to use the restrooms. I think Greenville has a facility near the bridge in their downtown.


Thanks to Debra Heintz for sharing these thoughts from someone she spoke with!

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