Apr 17, 2018

Citizen's Suggestion


After attending last week's Come-See-Me Mayor's Tour, my friend Linda Williams wanted me to pass on her suggestion to our Tourism Committee:

Hello, Rock Hill highly respected, influential , make-it-happen leaders -

Chick and I are taking our annual vacation by visiting South Carolina towns and sites. We loved the Pickens County History Museum. We thoroughly enjoyed the Calhoun Co. Museum in St. Matthews. We were blown away by the museum in Elloree. (Yes, the little town of Elloree.) And those are the only places we've gone so far.


We need a Rock Hill Museum. It could be located in a big vacated building downtown. It could include the history of the Whites, Blacks, and other founders, the story of Glencairn Garden and Come-See-Me, The Bleachery and other industrial sites, the Anderson car, the Friendship Nine, a Vernon Grant story with lots of pictures, the Telephone Museum, Winthrop, the birth of Knowledge Park, war heroes and military leaders, etc. -- many stories under one roof. Then visitors could go out and learn more at the different sites. Whatcha' think?

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    Jun 22

    Check out recent images of the Rock Hill Sports and Event Center presented by Piedmont Medical Center!
  • Laurie Helms
    Jun 21

    May 5, 2019 brought the Carolina Panthers another step closer to Rock Hill with Fountain Park hosting a celebration for the signing of the Professional Sports Team Incentive Act by SC Governor Henry McMaster. Tourism is sure to explode when the Carolina Panthers build their new headquarters and practice facility in Rock Hill. New businesses, hotels, restaurants and residents will be attracted to the area as well. And all can enjoy the wonderful attractions that Knowledge Park has in store for them! Welcome, Carolina Panthers!
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    May 31, 2018