Brandeis Green
Mar 22, 2018

Soda City Farmer's Market


The Soda City Farmer’s Market in Downtown Columbia on Saturdays is fabulous! They close off Main Street and have numerous vendors, food trucks, fresh produce, meats, cheeses… It attracts a variety of people and has something for everyone. It is artsy, fun and something I would love to see here. They also have a yearly fundraiser -the Gervais St Bridge Dinner which would be an awesome event for bridge over railroad tracks.




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  • Rock Hill Econ Dev
    Jun 19

    On March 14th, Project for Public Spaces (PPS) hosted a 2 day workshop in the Gettys Courtroom, where RHEDC, community members, Placemaking team members, and city staff came together to identify placemaking opportunities in Knowledge Park. We participated in several group exercises, did a walking tour of downtown, and created concept placemaking maps for 5 specific locations. PPS then created a Placemaking Master Plan in the following weeks, designed to activate underutilized spaces in Knowledge Park that will attract knowledge workers, businesses, residents, and visitors. More information about PPS:
  • mjones
    Jun 14, 2018

    I ran across this over the weekend - while this particular initiative is to increase diversity in the food industry, I thought the concept was pretty cool and perhaps even doable in Rock Hill.
  • cathy.murphy
    Jun 6, 2018