Hannah Spruill
Mar 2, 2018

Awareness Idea


Katie (Quinn, on our team) was recently contacted by someone about placing advertisements in the local movie theater (these are the ads that scroll before the previews start when everyone is getting seated)—this may be a great way to reach a wide variety of people in the Rock Hill area about what KP is (and that it exists), since we could catch movie-goers across all types of genres and we know we're reaching a super-local audience.


Any thoughts on this?





Mar 5, 2018

Several of our REALTORS® have used this marketing in the past to little success. Bear in mind; however they were seeking clients for housing rather than an informational marketing piece. What does it cost and can we use our $$ more wisely.?

Melanie Cooper
Apr 3, 2018

The Arts Council did this about 6 years ago. Typicially, the local ads run as one of the first promos shown, well before patrons enter the theatre. There are usually only 1-10 people who might see the ad as they situate themselves in their seats. The ROI did not offset the cost of the run.

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