Rock Hill Econ Dev
Apr 12, 2018

Action Team Update



The Marketing Team got together on 2/27 for the Knowledge Park Action Plan kick off and it was well attended -25 people sat in. The group was chaired by Bud Dark from the RHEDC Marketing Committee.  They met again on 3/27 and are currently at about 18 participants.

At the initial meeting, the team discussed ways to get the word out to citizens, City employees, and Council and Boards/Commissions about Knowledge Park. Some ideas included at events, a Speakers market place, an integrated marketing plan, and way finding. There was observed overlap with the Placemaking and Tourism teams. The team is in the process of setting up a calendar that will have them meeting every two weeks leading up to the 6/21 date.

There has been discussion about defining who each audience is and how best to reach them, communicating a consistent message, reaching people emotionally so that they see opportunity and benefit to them in KP, and creating brand engagement throughout the area. The need to post often to was emphasized

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