Mar 8, 2018

Walking safely


I know I sound like I have a very narrow experience to draw upon but this has not been mentioned yet. As a runner I am a bit hypersensitive to safety issues that can confront any pedestrian. About once a month I come perilously close to being hit by a car pulling onto the street from a commercial driveway. Drivers of all ages, pull out of a parking lot across the sidewalk while only looking in the direction of oncoming car traffic. The driver, of course is trying to get onto the road as quickly as possible. The car does not pause at the edge of the sidewalk nor look at the sidewalk occupants coming in the other direction. Usually a deep frown or yelp slows them down but on more once I have had to hit the hood of the car. I am as surprised as they are usually or I would have run around behind the car. Whew, long statement. I think special attention should be paid to curb cuts and additional attention to signage at them. (PAUSE BEFORE SIDEWALK AND WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS) or (PEDESTRIANS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY!)


If we walk up Oakland tomorrow, note the number of curb cuts at the Agape lot as an example. White Street will be having more I'm sure. Interestingly, I have never had a close encounter in a residential neighborhood.

Mar 8, 2018

Now, a comment on my own post: I forgot to mention that crosswalks are also difficult as more and more cars do not stop until they have completely crossed the lines, particularly if they are going to turn right -on-red.

Tami Tyson Windell
Apr 12, 2018

I agree with you prest006. Until motorists are repeatedly challenged by police for their driving infractions we may not see a change. I know we all want traffic to flow, but safety must come first.

Apr 13, 2018

Some of that will come with experience. Drivers will become more aware with appropiate signage and as foot traffic becomes more prevalent downtown. From personal experience, I had to learn that while in Columbus, OH. I wasn't used to pedestrians using crosswalks and having to yield to them. So there will have to be an element of exposure.

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