Jeremy Winkler
Feb 27, 2018

Remember the walker!

Mar 1, 2018

Include small "squares" along pedestrian routes (benches, bushes, flowers, local art, etc.)

Mar 1, 2018

Very good article! Two things stood out, "walk appeal", which relates to there being interesting places to eat & shop & varied landscape & architecture to enjoy, all along the route. The other was author's definition of Connectivity, as "the single most important determinant (among those analyzed) of how much walking takes place in a neighborhood".

Tami Tyson Windell
Mar 1, 2018

I echo C.Shermane's comment about the 'squares', and would add that at least every other one have a drinking fountain.

Mar 3, 2018


I frequently go by foot from my home near the college to points south including Johnston, Marion, Saluda streets etc. Of course the downtown is always crossed. The wider sidewalks of Main and the new ones on White are much easier and more pleasant to navigate. However, a constant concern in the summer is heat. From the Overhead bridge to downtown, the sun is relentless. I often choose paths that avoid the heat but trees are in short supply. Connectivity needs to push the city and Comporium to reach a level of agreement on what trees can be planted and how they can be trimmed and still provide shade as well as be aesthetic. College Ave is beautiful and Oakland is almost level (thanks to having been the trolley route), but they can be ruined without foresight. See attached.



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    Apr 13, 2018

    This is a Ted Talks episode from 2013. This episode made me think of the four lane portion of White St. between Dave Lyle and Oakland Ave.