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Feb 6, 2018

Connectivity Research Opportunities


Edited: Feb 6, 2018


What are some other communities that have transformed themselves in the past few years? Are these places we can visit, or can we invite someone to come to Rock Hill and give us insight/answer our questions? Do they have strategies or programs that we could use in Rock Hill, too?


List your thoughts & ideas below! Feel free to include links, images, or videos that help tell the story.

Mar 1, 2018

I mentioned Jacksonville, FL because I know that they developed an events, shopping & restaurant area along the St John's river, but I have not found any information concrete enough to share. It would be nice if someone from one of the places mentioned, closer to Rock Hill, such as Greenville, Clemson, or 5 Points in Columbia, could come & share with us a presentation of how they solved (or if they did?) the connectivity issues!

Mar 7, 2018

Oops, maybe I should have posted here vs. made another post.


The Indianapolis Cultural Trail: Indy used to be a ghost town after 5 p.m. and now it is revitalized. It was done with a mix of public and private money, but a large private donation was the start.




Mar 7, 2018

At the SC Mayor's Bike and Walk Summit held in Columbia in May 2017, we heard from the Mayor of Traveler's Rest how the Swamp Rabbit Trail has transformed their community. This would be an easy trip or else to have the Mayor speak to our group.


Also, Mayor Steve Benjamin from Columbia is being recognized more and more as a national leader in walkability. At the Bike and Walk Summit, he said that the Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force in Columbia is the most important commitee he's ever convened. He has participated in some of the planning workshops through Smart Growth America.

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    This is a Ted Talks episode from 2013. This episode made me think of the four lane portion of White St. between Dave Lyle and Oakland Ave.