Apr 13, 2018

4 ways to make a city more walkable


Edited: Apr 13, 2018

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  • Rock Hill Econ Dev
    Jun 19

    "it’s free, electric, and about 35 feet long. It’s Rock Hill’s first fare-free fixed-route transit system! The City of Rock Hill has partnered with Winthrop University, Piedmont Medical Center, and Family Trust Federal Credit Union to make an affordable, environmentally-friendly public transit system go from idea to reality..." Check out the rest of Savannah Underwood's weekly blog by clicking the "My Knowledge Park" link at the top of this page!
  • dotsy29732
    Jun 27, 2018

    Interesting article in today's (June 27) Wall Street Journal, in a special section titled "The Future of Cities". Article is written by Neal Templin. The link to the article is below. https://www.wsj.com/articles/what-makes-walkable-communities-work-1530065220
  • Rock Hill Econ Dev
    Apr 12, 2018

    Connectivity has met to discuss walking, bike share, and transit. Some topics covered include: Exploring how to mark out safe walking/biking paths in KP area Need to put walking/biking/transit paths on map Signage will be important for visitors – especially to know how to get around stopped trains Bike share will be beneficial for visitors and residents alike