All citizens of Rock Hill find reasons that Knowledge Park is meaningful to their lives.


The group asked the questions – what jobs, what amenities, what housing? The group decided underlying each of these steps is the need for a clear and targeted communication plan with both the Rock Hill community in general, as well as with the neighborhoods surrounding Knowledge Park.

1. Create a communications plan: communicate who, what, where is Knowledge Park to the surrounding communities then outward in Rock Hill. Consider actions including: 1) a newsletter (paper) to surrounding communities sent out several times a year; 2) Flyers to hand out at events, churches, places of business, schools; 3) Any opportunity to tag onto College communications;  4) Door to door ambassadors.


2. Develop and maintain an ongoing inventory of Knowledge Park jobs, and connect residents from the surrounding neighborhoods with those employers and jobs.  Explore creating partnerships and outreach opportunities with current and future employers to ensure that job seekers who may not have advanced education or degrees are aware of and able to access job opportunities in Knowledge Park.


3. Inventory nearby neighborhoods and available housing opportunities in Knowledge Park, and a 1-2 mile radius around the area.  Include information regarding vacancy rates, historical trends in housing development, the inventory of available sites for new housing, average rents, purchase prices and availability and conduct a housing gap analysis.  Develop and implement a plan to address any gaps and opportunities that are identified, and in the meantime ensure that currently available opportunities for housing in the Knowledge Park area are communicated with those who live and work in Rock Hill. 


4. Identify the skills that current and future tenants Knowledge Park companies need. Create a program that will connect the community with opportunities to gain those skills and secure the jobs.  Partner with Knowledge Park businesses and the Rock Hill School District, York Technical College, Clinton Junior College, Winthrop University and other educational institutions to create a pipeline between trained employees and employers.


Identify the neighborhood and community amenities that will be important in attracting new residents and businesses to Knowledge Park. Communicate existing amenities to surrounding communities. Create plans for strengthening the appeal of Knowledge Park neighborhoods through marketing and new or enhanced community amenities.