$517 million projected investment within 1 square mile

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What is a

Knowledge Economy?

An economy in which growth is dependent on the quality, quantity, and accessibility of information, rather than on the means of production.

The Knowledge Park Action Plan


To establish 5-Year goals and work programs for Knowledge Park that have input from all parts of the community, that are supported by community leadership, and that serve as the basis for activities and investments by the City, RHEDC, and their allies in Knowledge Park.

The Planning Framework:

Eight planning committees (Action Teams), under the direction of Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation (RHEDC), will lead the process to establishing Knowledge Park as a success.

Knowledge Park will be a Success if:

  • KP incubates, launches, attracts, and grows knowledge economy businesses.
    Action Team: Jobs + Business Growth >

  • Rock Hill supplies the talented workers that knowledge economy businesses require.
    Action Team: Talent Development + Attraction >

  • The Knowledge Park story is communicated effectively to citizens, job seekers, business prospects and potential investors.
    Action Team: Marketing + Communications >

  • The major activity centers of Knowledge Park are linked together by a seamless web of pedestrian, bicycle, transit and automobile connections.
    Action Team: Connectivity >

  • All citizens of Rock Hill find reasons that Knowledge Park is meaningful to their lives. 
    Action Team:  Inclusiveness >

  • Redevelopment of underused sites and buildings continues in a way that knits together the entire Knowledge Park area as unified, coherent urban district
    Action Team: Development >

  • Knowledge Park features retail and restaurant offerings, arts and culture, a diversity of housing types, memorable public spaces and other amenities that make it a place where talented people choose to live, work and play.
    Action Team: Placemaking >

  • Knowledge Park grows as a desirable destination for visitors, including visitors to its sports tourism and cultural destinations. 
    Action Team: Tourism >

The Outcome:

Each planning committee will be asked to Identify and describe up to 5 priority projects, programs or investments that could be achieved during the next 5 years which would help to ensure Knowledge Park’s success.

What is Knowledge Park?

Knowledge Park is a walkable, multi-faceted district of Rock Hill that will build a modern economy, and reinvent the original heart of Rock Hill.

While Knowledge Park is a place, it is also a strategic plan that gives our community the opportunity to come together and make it their own.

Where is Knowledge Park?

Knowledge Park's boundaries will expand as development continues and the community strives, with the core of the district stretching from Winthrop University to Fountain Park.